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Fascian™ is a injectable dermal filler made from human fascia. Fascia is the collagen based connective tissue located throughout the human body. The fascia is harvested from human donor tissue, and is sterilized and freeze-dried under strict regulations and guidelines imposed by the FDA. Fasciablast™ is a graft material made from fascia that is available in sheet or strands. Both products are used as a natural solution for repairing skin defects.

Once injected, the implanted fascia stimulates the production of collagen, which helps to fill the defects being treated. Eventually, some of the injected Fascian is absorbed by the body over time, leaving the newly generated collagen in its place.

Fascian is generally used to treat facial contour defects. Generally two or three treatments over a six-month period are needed to correct most dermal defects. Results are progressive, meaning results become more noticable with each treatment. Fascian can used to fill areas including:

• lips
• naso-labial fold
• depressed scars (acne or pox)
• post-surgical scars (both face and body):
• sunken cheeks

Benefits of using Fascian over other dermal fillers include:

• Hypoallergenic – minimizes chance of allergic reactions
• Soft and pliable with a natural feel.
• Can be used in conjunction with other facial rejuvenation procedures


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